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From: Tom
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From: TEST 4
Walking around the streets of Sheffield and visiting the pubs or the fruit and veg shop or an art gallery, the word ‘love’ punctuates every sentence. ‘That’ll be £4.20, love’. Bus drivers covered in tattoos saying it too. I’ve circumnavigated planet earth at least 30 times, and I’ve never had it anywhere else in the world where they call you love at the end of every sentence. It’s not a sickly chocolate box, nicey-nicey kind of thing. Depending on the inflections of how it’s said, it can mean multiple things and be not so nice! It’s the fact that we use that word on a minute-to-minute, hour-to-hour, day-to-day basis. I continue to find this city, this environment, and these people inspiring. This is the city I was born in and have lived in all my life. I’ve travelled the universe and I’m not a ‘little Englander’, but it’ll always inspire me. It’s like layers of an onion. The more you peel off, the more you find.
From: Richard
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From: Tom